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Quest v39 Update Brings Multitasking Out Of Experimental Mode

Quest v39 Update Brings Multitasking Out Of Experimental Mode

Quest’s v39 update is about to start rolling out to owners, but it’s a pretty small update this time around.

The latest update to the platform brings the ‘Share To Headset’ feature to iOS. Originally only available on Android, this feature lets you share content from your Oculus app over to your headset. Meta is also graduating Quest’s multitasking features, including navigating multiple 2D windows, from ‘Experimental’ features over to officially enabled ones. That means these options are now available as standard, though there’s no dramatic change in how they actually work.

Finally, there’s a new mountain study environment for Home. It’s a typically idyllic scene with sweeping vistas and more (take a look below). Oh, and the icon for the Oculus Browser has changed, too.

Quest v39 Update Mountain

And that’s about it. As we said, this is a much smaller update than we’re used to do Quest, but there are big things on the way, with the social ‘Horizon Homes’ feature, which will let friends hang out in their home spaces, still on the way. We do wonder, however, if future updates might see the app ditch the Oculus branding now that the Quest hardware itself has swapped out the old logos for Meta.

As always, you can expect the update’s rollout to be fairly gradual so don’t panic if you don’t see something straight away.

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