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Oculus Quest Use On Steam Continues To Grow In June Hardware Report

Oculus Quest Use On Steam Continues To Grow In June Hardware Report

The percentage of SteamVR users using an Oculus Quest grew 1.42% last month, an increase from 7.46% of users in May to 8.87% in June, according to Valve’s data.

The figures come from Valve’s monthly ‘Hardware Survey’, which is offered as an opt-in survey to a random sample of Steam users every month. The survey scans components of your PC and uses SteamVR device logs to gather data on Steam users’ hardware.

SteamVR hardware survey June

The headset stats haven’t moved around very much this month, spare for the HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, the four of which saw the most significant changes.

The Oculus Quest continues to see month-on-month growth on SteamVR, increasing 1.42% this month after a very similar 1.43% increase in May. One reason for this may be the recently added support for USB 2.0 cords when using Oculus Link. Oculus Link allows users with a compatible cord and VR ready PC to play PC VR content on the Quest while remaining tethered to their computer. The feature originally only supported specific USB 3.o cords, but adding USB 2.0 support not only opened the feature up to many other cords, but also meant Oculus Link worked with the USB C cord that comes in the box with the Quest.

Anyone with a VR-ready PC and a Quest now has all the equipment needed for Oculus Link, which might explain the continual increase in Quest numbers on SteamVR. That being said, as we noted in the May results, it might have less to do with Oculus Link and more to do with the Quest being more readily in stock as of late, after a long period of unavailability.

Notably, the increase in Quest users this month means that there are more Oculus Quest users on SteamVR than users of all Windows Mixed Reality headsets combined.

The share for Valve Index also grew 1% in June, as opposed to May where it remained roughly the same. The HTC Vive headset continues a downward trend, with a decrease of 0.91% in May, similar to the original Oculus Rift which decreased 1.28%. The total percentage of Steam users with VR headsets also decreased, bringing it down 0.25%, to 1.67%.

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