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Quest 3 Battery Life 'About The Same' As Quest 2, According To Meta CTO

Quest 3 Battery Life 'About The Same' As Quest 2, According To Meta CTO

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth said in an Instagram AMA today that the battery life on Quest 3 will be "about the same" as Quest 2.

He then added that, as with existing headsets, battery life on Quest 3 will vary depending on what you're using the headset for, and Meta is always looking to make improvements. Here's the full statement:

Question: What will be the battery life for Meta Quest 3?

Bosworth: About the same as Quest 2, plus or minus. And I think that we're always able to continue to work on and improve [the battery] and of course it varies based on what you're using it for.

It's worth noting that even if the battery life on Quest 3 matches that of Quest 2, it will do so while powering a device with higher specifications and a screen that features a seemingly 30% jump in resolution.

In the same AMA session, Bosworth also confirmed that despite the imminent release of Quest 3, Quest Pro will continue to receive new software updates and improvements over time. This isn't a huge surprise – Meta just recently issued an update that increased clock speeds for the CPU and GPU on both Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

However, Bosworth later suggested that the inclusion of a depth sensor in Quest 3 could result in improvements to the computer vision depth model used on the depth sensor-less Quest Pro:

Question: Quest 3 will have a depth sensor, but can computer vision still improve on Pro for depth?

Bosworth: One thing that happens when you have a depth sensor is that you have an additional source of truth. And so, sure, the experience that you have on a headset that has both visual computer vision and a depth sensor running is, potentially, the strongest. [But] you're able to use that depth sensor to train the computer vision, so that even on headsets that don't have a depth sensor, they also improve under different conditions. So it really should improve the entire pipeline.

You can watch the entire Instagram AMA session over on Bosworth's Instagram profile.

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