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PSVR's Brilliant Wipeout VR Gets A Free Demo Today

PSVR's Brilliant Wipeout VR Gets A Free Demo Today

Still haven’t sampled Wipeout Omega Collection’s brilliant PlayStation VR (PSVR) support? Well why the heck not? It’s one of the headsets best games and you owe it to yourself to take it for a spin. Fortunately, you can now do just that for free.

A demo for the game showcasing its PSVR support just went live in the US and arrives today in the EU. You can download it on the PlayStation Store at no extra cost. Omega Collection gathers tracks and vehicles from the sci-fi racing series’ past and brings them to PS4 with updated visuals, online play and, of course, VR support.

This slice of the game lets you try out two ships, one of which was specifically built for the VR mode, and then race them on two tracks, one from PS3’s Wipeout HD and the other from Vita’s Wipeout 2048. If you don’t have a PSVR then you can still try out the game on a standard screen.

We called Wipeout PSVR’s ‘Tour De Force’ in our 9/10 review.”Everything you love about Wipeout is here but with a new lease of life, from the violent crunch of combat to the twitch-like reactions needed to navigate the many courses from the seat of your vehicle,” we said. “It’s both Wipeout as you love it and as you’ve never seen it before, and one of the very best games you can get on PSVR yet.”

Needless to say, then, we think you should try the demo out.

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