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No, A VR Developer Did Not Confirm PSVR 2 Is Coming This Year

No, A VR Developer Did Not Confirm PSVR 2 Is Coming This Year

PSVR 2 rumors snowballed last week when an investor report from a PSVR developer suggested Sony would release “a new version of the PlayStation VR headset” in 2020. We’ve confirmed that this comment was made in error.

The claim was made in a trading update report from Titanic VR developer, Immersive VR Education. The full statement reads: “2020 will see Sony release the PlayStation 5 and a new version of the PlayStation VR headset (PSVR), which will further expand the high-end VR user base; the Group intends to support this device with its current suite of showcase software.”

PSVR 2 Rumors Debunked

The statement was picked up by some as confirmation that Sony would launch PSVR 2 alongside PS5. The new console is coming holiday 2020, however, previous quotes from Sony itself suggested that we won’t see a true PSVR 2 until after the launch of PS5. Sony has said the upcoming PS5 will be backwards compatible with the current generation PSVR. With that in mind, it seemed unlikely that this developer knew a new headset would, in fact, be launching this year.

We reached out to David Whelan, CEO of Immersive VR Education for clarification. He confirmed to us that the original statement was indeed a mistake.

“That statement was picked up in error from a trading update sent out to our investors,” Whelan told us in an email. “We mentioned to our investor relations company that we intend to fully support the PS5 with our current suite of software. We are not confirming that there is a PSVR Version 2 in the works. Our investor relations company picked it up as a new headset for PS5 which might not necessarily be the case.”

So there you go, then, this one was a mistake, not a leaked bit of insider information. We still don’t have any actual indication of when PSVR 2 will be releasing, but we sure hope it’s sooner rather than later. Other comments from Sony suggest the eventual headset could have improved resolution, a wider field of view and even wireless support.

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