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Promising VR Shooter Vindicta Gets Release Date

Promising VR Shooter Vindicta Gets Release Date

We’ve reported on Vindicta a few times now. This new VR first-person shooter (FPS) caught our attention by promising accurate gunplay and a full campaign with hours of content. Today, we can finally tell you when you’ll be able to play it.

Vindicta will launch in Early Access on the HTC Vive on June 20th, developer Game Cooks confirmed to UploadVR. The pre-release version will include five levels, one of which will be a tutorial. The developer says that there’ll be about six to eight hours of gameplay in this release and that will expand over time as it adds more levels to make a complete campaign. Check out some reactions to the game from the new video below.

In Vindicta you play as an agent sent to infiltrate a evil corporation making killer robots. As you might suspect, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with those robots as you explore a giant facility. When we first wrote about the game it was only using arm swinging locomotion, making players wave their arms, simulating walking to progress through a level. Game Cooks has since confirmed that a trackpad locomotion option will be available too, and that the game is fully roomscale, encouraging to get active to avoid incoming fire.

There are eight different enemy types and 10 different weapons to find. Levels have a scoring system, too. Going forward, Game Cooks plans to bring full co-op support to the game, though it’s a ways off yet, though there’s no date yet for the game’s full release.

You can expect to see more of Vindicta ahead of release; Game Cooks will also be at E3 in June, showing the game off at Booth 5400G.

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