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Project Cars Is Coming To VR Arcades With SynthesisVR

Project Cars Is Coming To VR Arcades With SynthesisVR

Don’t have the PC to power Project Cars in VR? No worries; it’s on its way to VR arcades.

Slightly Mad Studios is bringing the B2B version of its popular racing series, Project Cars Pro, to location-based VR installations through SynthesisVR. Operators using Synthesis will be able to set up games either in VR or using multiple monitors.

Through Synthesis, you can set up LAN multiplayer games, manage sessions by laps, races or time and incorporate motion seat platforms and racing wheels. Pro features a huge number of cars and tracks seen throughout the series. It’s traditionally been used for more enterprise applications. Last year, for example, Slightly Mad used the platform paired with StarVR to introduce the new Porsche 911 Carrera S debut at The LA Autoshow.

SynthesisVR, meanwhile, offers a location-based entertainment operation package for VR arcades. It gives operators the chance to control the experiences seen in VR. Existing partners include Arizona Sunshine developer Vertigo Games. A standard plan starts at $25 though the company also just announced the release of a free version.

We think Project Cars and its sequel are two of the best racing games you can play in VR. In fact we put Project Cars 2 in such a list earlier this month. The series strikes a fun balance between simulation and accessibility and features some of the best visuals you’ll find in a VR game. On PC, the series supports Rift, Vive and Index.  Sadly the PS4 versions of the games never got PSVR support.

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