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Play At Home: The Best Free PSVR Games To Play First

Play At Home: The Best Free PSVR Games To Play First

The next wave of Sony’s Play at Home promotion has just launched, meaning five of PSVR’s best games are now free – and you don’t need need Move controllers to play them. See where to start with our best free PSVR games choices.

This is a no strings attached deal; you don’t need to be a PlayStation Plus or Now subscriber, nor enter any extra information beyond what you’ve already provided for your PlayStation account. Head to the PlayStation Store between now and April 23rd and you can download them to keep. Don’t have a PSVR? Grab them anyway and then keep those fingers crossed at the upcoming PS5 VR headset supports backwards compatibility!

So, what should you play? Well they’re all great, but here’s our list in ascending order, starting with the game we feel everyone should try first and then moving down to what to explore afterward. There’s definitely something for everyone here, though.

The Best Free PSVR Games For Play At Home

Astro Bot Rescue Mission – PSVR’s Best Game Is Now Free

ASTRO BOT Screenshot 01

If you’re going to start somewhere, it should probably be with our old pal Astro. Rescue Mission has long claimed the top spot on our regularly updated list of the best PSVR games, and there’s no signs of that changing anytime soon. Sony Japan’s brilliant platformer features smart twists on the genre with fantastic immersion and — we’ll just keep saying it — Mario-tier innovation. If you’ve played Astro’s Playroom on PS5 and want more, trust us, you need to play Rescue Mission.

Get Out There With Paper Beast

Or maybe you’re someone that likes their VR a little more experiential? On PSVR, the dreamy world of Paper Beast is a tough pitch with its lack of challenge and focus on abstract interactions. But, trust me when I say, you have to give a try now that it’s free. This is a game about building a connection with a living, breathing ecosystem and coming to an understanding and appreciation of its sometimes cruel set of rules. It might well not be for you, but give it even 10 minutes and if you haven’t fallen in love with its fascinating array of digital animals then, well, at least you gave it a fair shot.

Moss – A Perfect Companion For Astro

Astro might be the best third-person platformer in VR but Moss is a very close second and it’s got a few tricks of its own to make the PSVR mascot jealous. Polyarc’s VR debut remains an enduring hit, with incredible diorama-sized worlds and a close connection to foster between you and Quill, the adorable protagonist. Again, there’s smart use of motion controls but Moss will also appeal to people looking for a little more combat than Astro’s breezy challenges.

Feel The Challenge With Thumper


Moss and Astro not hard enough for you? Thumper is arguably VR’s most intense and anxiety-inducing game. You have to keep your nerve as you control a shiny space beetle (don’t ask) that speeds down a set track. Remain calm and keep yourself from slamming into the sides of walls and you’ll survive. But, with a soundtrack designed to make you sweat, that’s easier said than done. Also available on a flat screen if you want to test it out quickly!

Revisit A Classic With Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite 2

Another game with optional PSVR support, Rez Infinite has lived long in the hearts of many a fan. Again, this isn’t one that will be for everyone, but with Play At Home you can give it a fair shake at no extra cost. Essentially an on-rails shooter, Rez quickly establishes a hypnotic atmosphere through synthy sounds and visuals that are utterly arresting to take in.

What do you think are the best free PSVR games from Play At Home? Let us know in the comments below!

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