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Developers Are Using Vision Pro And Quest 3 At The Same Time

Developers Are Using Vision Pro And Quest 3 At The Same Time

Is Vision Pro the superior headset? For hand tracking developer Dennys Kuhnert, not really. For testing, however, he does wear the Apple headset as his under-layer and hold the Quest 3 up as his outer-layer.

Yeah, you read that right.

The developer has taken to wearing Vision Pro and then holding Quest 3 up to the Apple headset as a secondary passthrough system to quickly eyeball software on both devices. It works.


But why exactly does the Vision Pro get to be on the inside? Is it because of Apple's visionOS or the quick availability of his laptop in VR? Nope. Kuhnert just needs to quickly test the passthrough on both headsets and the Vision Pro's go-to-sleep functionality is a little smarter than Quest 3's. Quest 3 can be kept awake by covering its sensor with a sticker, while Vision Pro is a little harder for him to trick awake.

Kuhnert isn't the only developer playing around with both headsets like this, and this is far from the first time someone has tried to check out level two of a simulation by using a pair of VR headsets.

We should note, of course, that due to sensor placements, actually wearing both headsets at the same time wouldn't be useful for in-depth usability testing. But for glancing around inside VR quickly from the view inside of another headset? Yeah, that actually works.

Developer Alex Coulombe actually tried playing Beat Saber this way in a humorous walkthrough video embedded below.

"Gotta hold it in just the right spot on my face," Coulombe says while slicing.

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