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Excellent Painting VR App Heading For Quest Store In 2022

Excellent Painting VR App Heading For Quest Store In 2022

Painting VR, a realistic approach to painting on Oculus Quest, will be getting an official Oculus Store release in early 2022 with multiplayer.

Developer Oisoi is also planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the app on September 1. The company confirmed to us that next year’s release will happen regardless of the campaign’s success, but funds raised would go towards funding a faster PC VR port of the app among other features. It hasn’t yet revealed how much it’s looking to raise but, should it meet its goals, it’ll look to take Painting VR from App Lab over to the official Quest Store early next year.

A big part of the app’s future plans is multiplayer, which the team says will allow for collaborative work. The developer envisions this being used not just as a fun experience for friends but also as a means of delivering virtual art lessons and even hosting exhibitions and studio visits.

We tried Painting VR earlier this year, comparing its realistic physics to the same emphasis we’ve seen in VR games like Boneworks. “Push a brush up against a wall and it’ll bend exactly you expect it to, allowing you to make strokes that feel authentic to the touch,” we said in our preview. “I was really impressed with how in control I felt whilst making strokes, and could only imagine what works actual painters could conjure up with these tools.”

Painting VR isn’t the only intriguing VR art app to spring up in the vacuum left behind by Google abandoning Tilt Brush. Vermillion allows for realistic oil painting on the platform, and Brushwork is a free experience you can try in WebXR.

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