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Oculus Move VR Fitness Tracker Is Coming To Smartphones, Apple Health

Oculus Move VR Fitness Tracker Is Coming To Smartphones, Apple Health

Meta is expanding its Oculus Move VR fitness tracker to new devices beyond Quest.

As announced in a blog post today, you’ll soon be able to merge your Move stats into the Oculus Android and iOS apps so that you have a quick view of any workouts you’ve done in VR on a given day. iOS users can go a step further with integration with Apple Health, meaning you can track workout progress for exercises both in and out of VR in one play. This is an optional addition for the app that will start rolling out next month.

Meta says it will not use this information to influence the ads users see on its platforms. Oh and, yes, the company is still calling the service Oculus Move, despite the Oculus brand having been now almost entirely replaced by the Meta branding, right down to the logo you see when you boot up the headset.

VR workouts have become an increasingly appealing prospect since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some platforms like Supernatural and FitXR even launching monthly subscription services on Quest headsets. Meta itself is set to acquire the former company, though a report in late 2021 claimed that the FTC had opened an antitrust probe into the potential deal. The company also plans to release an ‘Active Pack’ of accessories for Quest 2 this year that includes controller grips and more.

Are you going to bring your Oculus Move stats to smartphones next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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