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Ocarina Of Time, Drivable Steam Train, & A Space Museum In VRChat On PC

Ocarina Of Time, Drivable Steam Train, & A Space Museum In VRChat On PC

This week our journey through VRChat’s expansive network of worlds continues, with destinations recommended to us by seasoned VR travelers with extensive experience in the platform’s diverse environments.

As we continue to explore and share these public spaces, you can tell us about other interesting places for us to visit at

Cosmoria: VR Museum of Space


Cosmoria: VR Museum of Space commemorates the legacy of space exploration. This meticulously crafted virtual museum takes you on an educational voyage through our exploration of space, featuring detailed exhibits on planetary systems, star formations, and cosmic mysteries. As you navigate through the vast expanse of the universe, the level of detail and visual fidelity that you can achieve with a high-powered PC setup becomes immediately apparent. This is both enlightening and immersive, offering a fully-featured space museum wherever your PC rig is connected to VRChat. This is a destination for space enthusiasts and curious VR travelers that should definitely get bookmarked for later.

 Ocarina of Time 3D


Travelers can take a nostalgic journey into the iconic Hyrule as seen in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Experience the realm brought to life with incredible detail in this VR rendition that allows you to explore iconic locations like Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Castle, and Death Mountain, all reimagined with stunning accuracy. Whether your goal is to relive cherished memories, or just experiencing this classic game world for the first time, the immersive quality provided here with a powerful PC VR setup amplifies the magic and wonder of this timeless game world. Fans of the original game, and new explorers alike, will find a sense of joy and nostalgia around every corner.

 Drivable Steam Train


Take a trip back in time in an experience that lets you engineer a steam engine locomotive. This world offers interactive controls that allow you to manage the train’s operations. You can even sound the whistle as you traverse picturesque landscapes. The sound design and immersive environments make this a must-visit VRChat world for railroad enthusiasts. Experiencing this historical mode of travel in VR not only brings the past to life, but also highlights the charm of days gone by.

As we continue to uncover more of VRChat’s fascinating worlds, stay tuned for further explorations as we try to explore the boundaries of virtual immersion in VRChat. In our next segment, we'll try our hand at mining some asteroids in Far Citizen ˸ Elite Mining, explore The Fortress of Okuu's Point and visit the Pixel Paradise Arcade but until then be sure to check out our previous exploration below and happy world-hopping!

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