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No Man's Sky Gets Pets In Free Companions Update

No Man's Sky Gets Pets In Free Companions Update

The diverse, procedurally-generated wildlife of the No Man’s Sky universe can now be yours to own. That’s right, No Man’s Sky pets are now a thing.

Or, rather, Companions are now a thing. That’s the name of today’s free update to Hello Games’ ever-expanding space simulation game, the latest in a long series of content drops. In the Companions update you can adopt creatures you find on a given planet, tame them and then take them with you on your adventures. Check it out in the new trailer below.

No Man’s Sky Pets Are Here

As you build a bond your newfound friend can help in different ways like scanning for resources, digging up treasure or even lighting the way in dark places. They can also mine for materials themselves should you kit them out with a shoulder-mounted mining laser, which could help reduce some of the busy work that makes up No Man’s Sky’s survival element.

Hello Games is also implementing a breeding system which will see companions lay eggs that can be incubated and even genetically altered. You could alter a companion’s personality, for example, and also trade eggs with other players. As always, these new features will be supported in the VR version of the game on PC and PS4; growing a bond with your pet sounds like it could be especially strong inside a headset.

Elsewhere this update also introduced significantly improved load times on PS4, which will be of big benefit to PSVR players. You can check out the full patch notes right here.

The Companions update comes off the back of a big update for the game that drastically improves the visuals on PSVR when playing inside PS5. It’s significant given that the PS5 version of the game can’t support the headset as Sony hasn’t announced VR support for PS5 titles as of yet. 2021 marks the 5th anniversary of No Man’s Sky’s release, though, and Hello Games says it has lots to come for the title this year. Stay tuned.

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