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Nintendo: Labo VR On Switch Was 'Planned Out From The Very Beginning'

Nintendo: Labo VR On Switch Was 'Planned Out From The Very Beginning'


Nintendo has been coy about their VR plans over the last couple of years. From outright denial that they’re even working on VR at all to criticisms of the current VR market, it was starting to seem like they might not jump on the VR train for a while. But alas, the recent release of the Labo VR kit for Switch proves otherwise.

Apparently, that was always the plan according to Labo creator Tsubasa Sakaguchi in an interview with CNET. “We actually had it all planned out from the very beginning … even in the [original] announcement video, if you look at it, everything but the VR goggles is included,” says Sakaguchi.

We’e seen a few really compelling mock ups from fans about what they thought a Switch VR headset might be like and even though one made out of cardboard isn’t quite the same, it’s good to see Nintendo at least investing in the concept a bit. Now modders are adding things like headstraps, which seem like a really obvious omission.

“For VR itself, there was already research happening at Nintendo,” says Sakaguchi. “We thought combining it with a unique controller would make a product that is like none other … creating an input, as well as physical feedback, the elasticity of the rubber band or the wind that you feel. It was kind of like climbing a mountain with other team members … we knew where the goal was at the top of the mountain, but we didn’t know how to get there. It was trial and error.”

We’ll have to see where Nintendo takes VR next with the Labo concept, or if they expand it to a proper headset made out of plastic or something else more sturdy in the future. If you’ve tried the Labo VR kit let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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