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Watch: Stunning Wanderer Trailer Shows Inventive Design And Gorgeous Visuals

Watch: Stunning Wanderer Trailer Shows Inventive Design And Gorgeous Visuals

A new trailer for Oddboy and M Theory’s Wanderer just debuted, and it continues to look promising.

We first wrote about this upcoming VR adventure last week, when the PSVR Without Parole team debuted new gameplay. Today, though, its developers have revealed an official announcement trailer over on the PlayStation Blog, along with the first official information.

New Wanderer Trailer Revealed

We already knew that Wanderer was a time-travelling VR puzzle game with escape room-style mechanics. The trailer provides some further hints at that story, whilst also showing some of the game’s different environments and mechanics. There’s a lot of setup, but the payoff is worth it – we’re teased with trips to the moon, on-stage rock concerts and meetings with famous faces.

“Wanderer combines a unique blend of escape room-style puzzles and hands-on action sequences that will see you bring together objects and events from various time periods in sometimes unlikely and inventive ways,” Executive Producer Sam Ramlu said in the blog post. “Take a step back into history, with full motion control on dual PS move controllers, to experience beautifully detailed worlds that come to life with realistic and innovative physics-based interactions.”

Today’s reveal also confirms that Wanderer will arrive in three instalments, with the first episode launching in Q3 of this year, though the teams are still aiming for a full games’ worth of content. Its developers say its being made in partnership with PlayStation, but will also be coming to PC VR headsets at the same time (no word on a possible Quest version just yet).

Will you be checking out Wanderer? Let us know in the comments below!

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