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Next Low-Fi Update Will Add More Quests And Input Mapping

Next Low-Fi Update Will Add More Quests And Input Mapping

Great news if you’re looking for more things to do in and more ways to interact with upcoming sci-fi VR sim, Low-Fi – the next update has some big additions.

Developer Blair Renaud recently shared a list of changes and addition to come in the next update to the game’s Early Access phase. Headlining the update is an expanded police station and quests for players to undertake.

Also included in the next update is button mapping for driving your cruiser, meaning you’ll be able to fine-tune a HOTAS for a more immersive piloting experience. This is in addition to support for Ultraleap hand-tracking, which we reported on last week. Once implemented, this support (which requires an external sensor) will allow players to interact with a vehicle’s cockpit, pressing buttons with their hands.

Rounding out the update, there will be support for multiple save slots and more cassette tapes to find too. You can grab Low-Fi for $35 in Early Access on PC VR headsets. The game is also planned to arrive on Sony’s new VR headset for PS5, though that won’t be launching until 2022 at the very earliest. Don’t expect a Quest version, but the developer is planning a spin-off named Agency. When we spoke to Renaud last year, he revealed he’s hoping to find funding for that project in the future.

What are you hoping to see out of the next Low-Fi update? Let us know in the comments below!

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