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MultiBrush - Multiplayer Tilt Brush Hits Quest App Lab

MultiBrush - Multiplayer Tilt Brush Hits Quest App Lab

One of Tilt Brush’s new open-source offshoots is available on Oculus Quest App Lab. MultiBrush is available on the platform for free.

Created by Rendever, MultiBrush is exactly what you think it is, a multiplayer version of Tilt Brush. It gives users access to the same tools seen in the main app and lets them make stuff together. Over it’s five-year run at Google, the main Tilt Brush app never implemented support for multiplayer. Check out a look at the app below.

This is an early version of the app so expect some issues that will hopefully be addressed in the future. MultiBrush first released on SideQuest at the start of the month, but the App Lab launch means you’ll no longer need to sideload the app onto the platform. App Lab works as a sort of middle ground between SideQuest and the official Oculus Quest store – you won’t be able to find App Lab titles when browsing Facebook’s store but with a direct link you can have it installed in seconds.

Google announced that Tilt Brush was going open-source at the end of January, also confirmed that the main platform will no longer be updated. It’s the latest in a string of moves that sees the company distancing itself from areas of VR – last year it also closed down its online 3D asset library, Poly. Owlchemy Labs, the Google-owned developer of Job Simulator, remains operational and working on a new VR title, however.

Are you going to be checking out MultiBrush on App Lab? Let us know in the comments below!

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