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GOLF+ Teases Upcoming Mixed Reality Mini Golf Mode For Quest 3

GOLF+ Teases Upcoming Mixed Reality Mini Golf Mode For Quest 3

GOLF+ teased a mixed reality mini golf mode for Quest 3.

The game currently offers full-swing courses and mini golf in VR, and is often listed in the top 20 selling titles on the Quest Store. It recently got a graphics upgrade for Quest 3 bringing significant improvements.

The GOLF+ developers are now working on a new mixed reality mode for mini golf putting in your real space, and teased its progress this week:


GOLF+ founder and CEO Ryan Engle told UploadVR he's exploring automatically generating courses based on your room layout, but can't commit to shipping that. What he can commit to is the ability to select from a handful of premade courses and the ability to build your own.

Engle also plans to let players share their courses with the community, with the ability to rate them and filter for ones that will fit in your room.

Eventually, Engle plans to add colocated local multiplayer, so multiple Quest 3 headsets in the same space can play together.

The plan is to release the mixed reality experience as a mode within the existing GOLF+, "ideally" in time for Christmas. The mode will be exclusive to Quest 3, utilizing the scene mesh generated during mixed reality setup.

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