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GOLF+ Teases Quest 3 Visual Enhancements

Golf+ Quest 3 (right side) and Quest 2 (left side) visual comparison

GOLF+ will receive a Quest 3 upgrade with more realistic graphics.

Responding to a request for comparison videos between Quest 2 and Quest 3 editions, GOLF+ CEO and founder Ryan Engle shared how the golfing sim compares. Currently available on Quest 2, a short video showcased clear improvements on Meta's upcoming headset with upgraded lighting, textures and shadows.

The GOLF+ upgrade won't be available straight away when Quest 3 launches on October 10, though it's not far behind. Ryan Engle informed UploadVR it will arrive on October 12. It's worth noting that even through backwards compatibility, Quest 3's higher default rendering resolution means almost all Quest 2 games and apps will run at 30% increased resolution.

Last week at Connect 2023, Meta advised there will be no Quest 3 exclusives at launch but it confirmed over 50 upgraded titles are planned with significant visual improvements. Alongside The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners and Red Matter 2, further enhancements have been shown for Zenith The Last City, Guardians Frontline, Espire 2 and more. You can find out more below:

Quest 3 Gameplay Videos Show Significant Graphics Upgrades
Watch side-by-side comparisons showing the significant graphics upgrades game developers can deliver on Quest 3:

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