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Metal Slug VR Is Coming To Arcades With The Help Of World War Toons

Metal Slug VR Is Coming To Arcades With The Help Of World War Toons

Wouldn’t Metal Slug VR be really, really cool? Unleashing a fury of bullets and throwing yourself to the ground as you dart through chaotic levels taking on gigantic war machines?

That’s about to become a reality.

VR developer Studio Roqovan today announced a partnership with SNK to develop a new arcade game that combines its World War Toons shooter series with characters and features from the Metal Slug universe. Currently codenamed WWT:MSVR, the game is coming to KT VR Arcades next year.

WWT:MSVR will utilize room-scale VR tech and will, according to Roqovan CEO James Chung, “recreate the essence of what makes a great Metal Slug game” within the world of its cartoonish WW2 franchise. We don’t know too much more about the project right now, though we do have concept art that shows series heroes Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving teaming up with WWT characters.

Though it’s appeared on home consoles and PCs in the past, the Metal Slug series’ heart has always been in the arcade, so it’s fitting to see the game make its VR debut for location-based VR. There’s no word yet on if this content might every come to home-based headsets.

You can look for WWT:MSVR’s first mission to launch in Q1 of next year, with more content arriving later down the line. “This is just the beginning of the story for World War Toons and Metal Slug,” Chung added.

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