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PSVR MOBA Megalith Getting Free Trial, Changes To DLC Soon

PSVR MOBA Megalith Getting Free Trial, Changes To DLC Soon

Last week saw the launch of Megalith on PSVR. The first-person shooter (FPS) looks like a polished stab at the VR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). That said we’ve already seen some concerns expressed about empty lobbies and DLC. Developer Disruptive Games is looking to fix that.

Taking to Reddit, the studio announced that Megalith will soon get two new features. The first is a free trial for the game. It will allow anyone to jump into the experience and start playing with full game owners. The only difference is that demo players won’t have access to all of the game’s playable characters, named Titans. They’ll need to purchase the game to unlock everyone. Still, this could be a good way to fill up lobbies and get people into matches faster.

An exact date for the demo hasn’t been announced.

Next up is DLC. Megalith launched with one piece of DLC already. It offered a new Titan, but you had to pay for it. In the future, though, Disruptive Games will be adding an update that allows players to spend in-game currency on new characters. You’ll still be able to buy them outright to avoid the grind but more determined players can put the work in to get them at no extra cost.

“We believe these upcoming changes will help reward players for their time investment as well open the gates for new players to experience Megalith,” the developer wrote. “The ability to earn Thorn and Shade [DLC characters] via earned currency will be released soon after the trial is deployed.”

Do these changes get you excited about the future of Megalith?

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