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Media Molecule's Dreams Still Has PSVR Support

Media Molecule's Dreams Still Has PSVR Support

It feels like an age since we’ve seen Dreams, but that’s because it has been. Media Molecule’s next big game missed out on both E3 2016 and 2017 showings after debuting at the event in 2015, and we’ve been dying to see more of it.

That’s largely because Dreams seems like the perfect PlayStation VR (PSVR) game, allowing players to create worlds, objects and characters out of virtual clay, just like they might in Oculus Medium, but then make games with those assets. The team has always expressed interest in adding VR support to the game and even seemingly confirmed it on multiple occasions, though it’s never been shown off in public. In a recent interview, however, Media Molecule’s Studio Head Siobhan Reddy suggested VR integration was still happening.

“It’s amazing,” Reddy said when asked about the VR support by Rolling Stone. “Seeing people create in Dreams in VR is amazing, and being able to wander through those worlds is amazing. It’s a total no-brainer for us to do that and to support it, because it’s just awesome. Every visitor that comes to our house wants to try VR. People who have no other interest in games are like, “Let me see it,” and then they are just always blown away.”

Dreams might seem like an unusual concept for console gaming, but in the VR space similar apps like Medium, Tilt Brush and Quill make perfect sense, and we’re betting Dreams does in VR too. Many of those apps are suddenly finding use as creative tools for assets in other games, but Dreams promises a fully self-contained content creation ecosystem that we’re excited to learn more about.

Dreams still doesn’t have a release date, but earlier this week Sony did announce that it would be hosting a Media Showcase in Paris Games Week at the end of October. Hopefully we’ll learn much more about the project and its VR support around then.


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