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Media Molecule 'Really Hyped' For Dreams VR Support, Early Build Already Working

Media Molecule 'Really Hyped' For Dreams VR Support, Early Build Already Working

Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 exclusive, Dreams, looks like it could be PSVR’s answer to the likes of Tilt Brush and Quill, only with added game-making tools on top. Sadly, though, we don’t actually know much about the game’s VR support so far. Reassuringly, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans just confirmed the game will definitely support PSVR at some point. In fact an early build of the support is already working and it sounds very promising.

Evans said as much during an interview at this week’s London Games Festival in the UK. “The thing I’m really hyped about at the moment is the VR stuff, which we’re being coy about,” the developer said. “Because VR’s hard and it hasn’t been our focus.”

He then made sure to point out that the team didn’t yet know when VR integration would arrive in Dreams, and it may well not be on day one, though it’s definitely coming.

“We’re starting to see it come to fruition,” Evans added. “You’re in these worlds that you’ve just built on your TV, and you can create in VR as well so it’s sort of a Minority Report-type thing going on and you’re just sculpting and creating and making music and you can arrange timelines, you can do animation, you can do stop motion. In VR it all clicks in a way that is even cooler than TV.”

Earlier in the interview, Evans also pointed out that an early version of the VR support had already been integrated into builds of the game that developers can play at home (though, again, we don’t know if VR support will be included in the upcoming beta).

“As soon as [VR support] is out, you’ll be able to make a VR experience and push the medium forward,” the developer explained. “So I think what’s really interesting is we haven’t figured out– as game makers, any of us in the room haven’t figured out VR yet. We’re all trying shit out and Dreams is going to bring a whole bunch of new people and new ideas to try shit out in VR. And I think that that could really push forward the medium of VR.”

Well that’s definitely encouraging to hear. Dreams is expected to release in full later this year with the beta “coming out as soon as [Media Molecule] humanly can”. Let’s hope the VR support makes it in 2018, too.

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