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Lumus Raises $45 Million To Enhance Augmented Reality Technology

Lumus Raises $45 Million To Enhance Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented and mixed reality work to enhance what we see in the real world and overlay constructive information or turn our surroundings into dynamic gaming experiences. Lumus, a company founded in 2000, is one of many focused on bridging the gap between the digital and real world through these types of experiences and they’ve acquired a massive amount that will help them advance their projects and technology.

Lumus completed a $45 million round of funding which brings their total since inception to $58 million. Lumus is positioned to enable headset makers rather than creating end products, and there are a couple kits listed on their site for manufacturers. Lumus provides its optical engine with believable augmented visuals and an overall small form factor through a light-guided optical element that works through ultra-thin lenses and a mini projector.

“This new funding will help Lumus continue to scale up our R&D and production in response to the growing demand from companies creating new augmented reality and mixed reality applications, including consumer electronics and smart eyeglasses,” says Ben Weinberger, Lumus CEO.

The Lumus team will also be utilizing a portion of the funding to market more efficiently, bring attention to the advancements and potential of the augmented reality industry. Companies like Quanta and HTC were instrumental in this funding round.

Advancements in the technology powering AR devices should benefit greatly from this new funding and, hopefully, we’ll start to see better solutions permeate across the industry.

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