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Watch: Low-Fi Getting Ultraleap Hand-Tracking Support For Vehicles

You’ll soon be able to interact with Low-Fi’s futuristic cockpits using just your hands thanks to support for Ultraleap.

Mark Schramm, one of the developers on the anticipated upcoming VR project, just revealed that support for Ultraleap hand-tracking would be arriving in the early access build of the game soon. Take a look at Schramm’s tweet below to see the support in action; it allows you to pilot Low-Fi’s Blade Runner-style hovercars using just your hands (provided you have one of the company’s hand-tracking sensors, that is).

The clip shows the player using their hands to interact with the vehicle’s dashboard, changing the radio station, turning on lights and activating waypoints. Schramm confirmed to us that hand-tracking support will be limited to driving vehicles for now, though it will allow you to just set aside your controllers when you climb into the cockpit. Figuring out how it might work elsewhere would be a challenge, as hand-tracking means no control sticks for movement and nothing in your hand when you grab items.

It’s another cool incremental addition to the upcoming sci-fi sandbox. Low-Fi’s aim isn’t to be a ‘game’ so much as a simulator that lets players do as they choose in its futuristic world. You can get early access to the experience on and it’s coming soon to SteamVR and, at some point, PS5 VR too.

Will you be checking out Ultraleap hand-tracking support in Low-Fi? Let us know in the comments below!

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