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Liteboxer Brings More Fitness Boxing To Quest This Week

Liteboxer Brings More Fitness Boxing To Quest This Week

There’s yet another fitness-focused VR boxing subscription service on the way to Quest. This time it’s Liteboxer.

Set to release on March 3, Liteboxer has you punching targets to the beat. You’ll get tips and tricks from trainers, and the game tracks the power, accuracy, and timing of your punch.

Liteboxer Coming To Quest

Unlike other rhythm-based games, Liteboxer sees you working with a terminal that lights up where you need to hit rather than a constant stream of notes coming towards you like in Beat Saber. Music, meanwhile, promises tracks from Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, The Weeknd, and Imagine Dragons amongst others.

Liteboxer hopes to compete with Supernatural and FitXR, joining the list of VR apps with a monthly subscription service. We recently updated our list of the best apps to get you moving in VR and published a guide on how to get started. As for Liteboxer, membership costs $18.99 a month, though there’s a free seven-day trial for anyone that wants to take a look.

Fitness has become a big part of the VR landscape since the launch of the original Quest a few years ago. If you’re looking for something that lets you experience what VR fitness has to offer with a one-time fee, we quite enjoyed the recently-released Les Mills Bodycombat.

Will you be trying out Liteboxer? Let us know in the comments below!

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