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Wield A Star Wars Lightsaber In This Half-Life: Alyx Steam Workshop Mod

Wield A Star Wars Lightsaber In This Half-Life: Alyx Steam Workshop Mod

A new Steam Workshop mod lets you use a lightsaber from Star Wars to slash through headcrabs in Half-Life: Alyx, just like you’ve always wanted to!

Valve launched their official modding tools for Half-Life: Alyx a few days ago, complete with Steam Workshop integration. While there was already a number of mods and custom maps that impressed us before the official tools release, there’s now a bunch of exciting new content coming through the Workshop for you to try out, including this lightsaber mod.

Available on Steam, the ‘Jedi Alyx – Lightsaber Training’ mod puts you in a custom map filled with headcrabs and zombies, and gives you three different lightsabers to choose from. One is your standard size lightsaber, the other is a ridiculously long one, and the last is a Darth Maul-style double-bladed saber.

The mod only runs on the custom map for now, so you won’t be able to jump into the Half-Life: Alyx campaign and slash through combine soliders. At the moment, you’ll be limited to zipping around the custom map and destroying headcrabs as they leap at your face, but that’s not such a bad thing. Sadly, if there’s one thing that’s missing, it’s the iconic lightsaber sound effects, which are currently missing in action. Hopefully they can be added in a future update.

The map also contains the Vortigaunt energy charge points, which you can use to attack with your non-dominant hand in a Emperor Palpatine-esque manner. There are a few other easter eggs too, such as a static stormtrooper model and the Source 2 model of a certain crowbar-wielding Half-Life protagonist who you might be familiar with…

The good news is that this lightsaber mod is just the beginning — with new content hitting the Alyx Steam Workshop page every day, expect some awesome mods and custom maps to arrive in the near future.

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