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Watch Lewis Capaldi Live In VR Via Oculus Venues Today

Watch Lewis Capaldi Live In VR Via Oculus Venues Today

More lockdown listening awaits you in VR today; Lewis Capaldi is going live in Oculus Venues later on.

The singer-songwriter will be broadcasting into Venues’ massive virtual theater at 4pm PT (or 7pm ET/12:00am UK time). Assuming he’s performing from his home in Scotland, he’ll definitely be keeping the neighbors up tonight, then. As with last month’s performance from Offset, the show is hosted by Supersphere. You can get an alert to take part right here. Best of all? Participation is absolutely free, so why not jump in? It’s also going to be live on Facebook itself, if you don’t have a headset.

Capaldi, best known for hits like Someone You Loved and Bruises, has become something of an internet phenomenon over the past few years thanks to an active presence of social media and a love for memes. In fact, we’re a little surprised it’s taken him this long to jump into VR.

Oculus Venues allows users to meet up inside VR and watch live performances, displayed on an enormous screen. It isn’t quite a ‘full’ VR concert as artists still appear via video, but it’s an intriguing entry point for what could one day be a major use of VR. Past performances inside the app include Billie Ellish and Post Malone. It’s not just for music; NBA games and even the Video Games Awards have been broadcast inside the app, too.

Will you be checking out Lewis Capaldi in VR today? Let us know in the comments below!

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