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Kaleidoscope's 2016 Global VR Film Festival Kicks Off In March

Kaleidoscope's 2016 Global VR Film Festival Kicks Off In March

Kaleidoscope is a premier event series that showcases VR and AR experiences around the world. The 2015 Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival (KVRFF) visited 10 cities across the continental United States and the organization is announcing that it is going global.

The 2016 Kaleidoscope World Tour will kick off in Paris, France on March 1 and will make stops in 10 major cities around the globe. These cities are: London, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Berlin, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; Tel Aviv, Israel; Melbourne, Australia; Pangyo, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan.

The tour will be presented in conjunction with Wired and content for the show will be gathered from a myriad of VR and AR creators, including over 30 experiences. Among them:

The experiences will be displayed on Gear VR headsets and those headsets will also be utilizing Wevr Transport to increase their fidelity, according to Kaleidoscope.

Nokia will be showcasing the OZO VR camera at all of the tour’s stops and Subpac will be enhancing the demos with its vibrating M2 and ST immersive products. Nokia, Unity, and G-Technology are lead sponsors of the event and together these companies will be providing a “Rising Stars of VR” panel at each stop.

Entrepreneur René Pinnell and former Industrial Light & Magic technical director Michael Breymann together founded Kaleidoscope in May, 2015. The organization’s stated mission is, “to empower independent VR artists by promoting their work, producing original content, fostering new talent and raising the visibility of VR as the new frontier of film and entertainment.”

Tickets for each of the tour’s stops are available now on the Kaleidoscope website. The prices differ according to location but will run the equivalent of around $15-70 USD.

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