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Island Time Is A Desert Island Survival Game For PSVR, Rift And Vive

Island Time Is A Desert Island Survival Game For PSVR, Rift And Vive

Manifest 99 from Flight School Studio was one of the most interesting VR experiences of 2017. Just a few months on from its launch, though, and the developer is ready to share its next full VR game, Island Time.

This looks like quite a big departure from the story-driven experience Flight School made its name with. Island Time is a VR survival game set on a (very) small desert island. Shipwrecked players need to use their wits to keep themselves alive, combining items to make new tools that will help them to scavenge food and defend themselves from threatening creatures.

It looks less like the Minecraft definition of a survival game and more like, well, an actual survival game; you’re not chopping down bits of wood to build a house but instead digging up bamboo shoots to reach coconuts or tying them to rocks to make spears to catch fish with. Eventually, you’ll need to make something that can signal a rescue plane. The game uses an events system that determines what amounts of resources players can use.

You won’t be alone on the island, though. Carl, a cartoonish crab, will assist you as you play. He’s voiced by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, as you can tell by the trailer below.

Island Time will be on display at both South by Southwest and the Game Developers Conference in the coming weeks. It’s due to launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive sometime in 2018.

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