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Iron Man VR Gets Free PSVR Demo Today, PSVR/Move Bundles Announced

Iron Man VR Gets Free PSVR Demo Today, PSVR/Move Bundles Announced

Want to try out Iron Man VR’s brand of tracking-defying PSVR action for yourself? You can today with a free demo.

A post on the PlayStation Blog confirms that the anticipated PSVR exclusive will be getting a demo on the PlayStation Store today. The demo will include much of the content we’ve already seen from the experience, including the tutorial mission in which you suit up and learn to fly, as well as one of the game’s first story missions, in which Tony Stark defends his private jet from incoming attacks.

Plus there are two optional challenge missions. If you download the demo you’ll also get access to the Molten Lava Armor skin in the full game. Check out the demo trailer above.

That’s not all though; publisher Sony is also bundling the game with different hardware depending on where you are in the world. In the US and surrounding regions, the company’s launching a $349.99 package that contains the headset, PlayStation Camera, a pair of Move motion controllers and the full game. Over in the UK and Europe, meanwhile, there’s a bundle with just two Move controllers for £84.99.

Both bundles should arrive alongside the game itself on July 3rd. Iron Man VR was originally meant to launch in 2019 but developer Camouflaj delayed it a few times, most recently due to the strain of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The game promises a full story-driven adventure in which players step into both the suit and shoes of Tony Stark. We’ve been really impressed with the game’s tracking on PSVR, which goes above and beyond the game’s normal limits.

Will you be checking out the Iron Man VR demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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