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HoloLems Brings Lemmings To The Real World Via HoloLens

HoloLems Brings Lemmings To The Real World Via HoloLens

Whatever your preferred gaming platform, there’s a good chance that classic puzzle-platformer Lemmings is available on it, but this unofficial version for Microsoft’s HoloLens is easily the coolest we’ve ever seen.

As you can see below, this amazing app brings the series’ trademark gameplay, in which an army of identical little creatures obliviously march forward, to the real world via mixed reality. The Lemmings start out walking along a couch, and the player uses certain members to redirect them. Brilliantly, HoloLens is able to read positional data in the room, and will know if the Lemmings walk off of the side of the couch, sending them to their deaths.

The player builds platforms over to these gaps to a coffee table where the Lemmings walk once more, and then builds another set of virtual walkways so that the creatures can make it to their home goal.

You can already down the app for free over on the Windows Holographic store though, obviously, there aren’t many of us with $3,000 developer kits right now. It’s developed by a Toronto-based design studio named Globacore.

While HoloLens and MR in general will likely find greater use outside the realm of gaming, it’s examples like this that are really proving the tech’s power in the early days. It reminds us of the unofficial Portal tribute we also saw on the kit a few months back. Now if someone could just make that HoloLens Persona 5 menu simulator we’d be set.

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