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Hitman VR Is Gamepad-Only, PSVR Exclusive At Launch

Hitman VR Is Gamepad-Only, PSVR Exclusive At Launch

The upcoming VR support for IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 looks to be exclusive to PSVR for now, and won’t use the headset’s Move motion controllers.

The gameplay we’ve seen from Hitman 3 in VR thus far suggested that the player would use two Move motion controllers to handle Agent 47. Yesterday’s development update saw the player swinging out with a crowbar for melee attacks for example. But it turns out this is actually being done with motion tracking on the DualShock 4 controller, not the Moves.

“The current version of the game is not using move controllers it’s using the dual-shock,” Senior Game Designer Eskil Møhl explained in a recent Reddit AMA. “We are however utilizing the motion controlled tracking and gyro to the max. There are many reasons for us ending on this decision but to be honest we think that we have found a perfect fit for the game through this hybrid control scheme.”

IO isn’t, however, ruling out Move support as a possible inclusion in the future.

After the support was revealed earlier in the month we also saw a lot of people ask about a possible PC VR version. Based on one response from IO Communications Manager, Travis Barbour, though, it sounds like the game’s only coming to PSVR for now.

“For VR, what I can tell you today is that HITMAN 3 will include PS VR support at launch,” the message reads. However the developer also noted that the PC platform held a lot of significance for the Hitman series, making it seem like VR support could be on the cards later down the line. Sony has in the past arranged timed exclusives for games like Skyrim VR.

Though it might be disappointing to hear that Hitman won’t support Move controllers and isn’t coming to PC yet, IO is still promising a meaty experience here. Alongside all of Hitman 3’s content, every level from the previous two games in the series will also be playable in PSVR. Hitman 3 launches with PSVR support in January. It’s coming to PS4 and PS5, but IO still hasn’t clarified if both editions of the game will support the headset natively.

Were you hoping for a Hitman VR PC edition? Would you wait for one? Let us know in the comments below!

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