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Half-Life: Alyx Leak Shows New Enemies And Environments

Half-Life: Alyx Leak Shows New Enemies And Environments

Tyler McVicker from Valve News Network posted some new screenshots he says are from Half-Life: Alyx showcasing some new environments and enemy designs. The screenshots were revealed today in a video on the Valve News Network YouTube channel.

There are 9 screenshots total, some of which feature enemies and new enemy designs and others which just feature a new environment or area.

Perhaps most interesting are the following screenshots, which show some Combine soldiers in similar environments to the Half-Life: Alyx trailer.

half life alyx combine 2

half life alyx combine

half life alyx solider

The Combine soldiers in the first two screenshots are in the same scene as the trailer, however they look quite different from the ones in the trailer. In the original trailer, they had a dark grey uniform that resembled their look in Half-Life 2. In the screenshots above, they seem to have been redesigned to feature a white outfit. Whether this is a graphic redesign across the board, or just a design to indicate a different class or enemy type, is uncertain.

The next two screenshots feature some grimy underground environments, with an impressive amount of detail and beautiful lighting.

half life alyx stairs

half life alyx warning

The next two screenshots show the Source Engine error asset over a door, followed by an environment featuring a holding cell.

half life alyx error

half life alyx cell

The last environment screenshot features a canal area, which Tyler claims was cropped by his source in order to hide story spoilers.

half life alyx canal

The final screenshot features a headcrab zombie, with headcrab removed and some lovely detail guts spilling out from his open chest.

half life alyx zombie

What do you think of these new Half-Life: Alyx screenshots? Let us know in the comments below.

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