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Gun Club VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest 'Soon'

Gun Club VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest 'Soon'

Trigger-happy VR fans rejoice; Gun Club VR is coming to Oculus Quest soon.

The news was confirmed by developer The Binary Mill on Twitter this week. The studio shared the below artwork, adding that launch details would be coming later this week. It’s already Thursday, so expect that news very soon indeed. Given how closely Quest games are announced next to their launch dates, we wouldn’t expect to be waiting too long.

Gun Club VR is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin; a VR game all about shooting guns. You get to handle a range of real-world firearms on shooting ranges, realistically firing them with motion controllers. You can upgrade and customize weapons ranging from pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles and grenade launchers.

Ranges aren’t simple shooting galleries, either. The gamer offers a bunch of different scenarios including a zombie apocalypse and a World War II-themed range.

The game’s been out on basically every other VR headset for a while now and seems pretty popular. It holds a ‘Very Positive’ average review rating on Steam, for example. It remains to be seen if the Quest version will support cross-buy with the Rift version, which costs $19.99. We’ll update this article when we have confirmation of those details.

Elsewhere, Quest will soon be getting its own versions of Republique VR, Racket: Nx and Gravity Sketch. Further down the line, we know that Arizona Sunshine and Echo VR are also both on their way to the headset.

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