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Jungle Survival Horror Game Green Hell Is Getting VR Support

Jungle Survival Horror Game Green Hell Is Getting VR Support

Get ready to sweat; gruelling jungle survival game Green Hell is getting VR support at some point in the future.

Developed by Poland-based Creepy Jar, Green Hell pits players in an Amazonian rainforest and tasks them with staying alive. You’ll have to hunt for food, build shelters and avoid natural hazards, including some pretty aggressive and gross-looking wildlife.

Since its full launch last year Creepy Jar has been keeping the game up-to-date with new modes like the recent addition of co-op support. However, a listing for the company on Reuters confirmed in mid-March that it had signed a deal with another developer, Incuvo, to develop and publish a VR version of the game. The team will, apparently, be responsible for the game’s marketing and release too.

Incuvo is also the developer that ported popular horror game Layers of Fear to VR in late 2019. We’ll have a review of that port in the near future, which might give some indication of what to expect.

There’s little else in the way of details right now. We don’t know exactly what platforms the game will be releasing on, though PC VR is a good bet. We also don’t have a window for release and we don’t know if the VR version will be free to existing owners or not. Co-op support and other features are similarly yet to be confirmed.

That aside, this could be a pretty interesting take on the VR survival genre, akin to other efforts like The Forest. Will you be checking out Green Hell when its VR version arrives? Let us know in the comments below!

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