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Many Of Your Favorite Actors Are About To Own A Gear VR


The 88th Academy Awards will take place on February 28 and thanks to The Revenant this may finally be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first Oscar. However, whether or not Leo’s tour-de-force of bear fighting and beard-having is enough to earn him the gold statue, he is guaranteed to leave the ceremony with at least one interesting prize: a brand new Samsung Gear VR.

Apparently the Oscars and birthday parties when you were nine have a lot in common. Each winner and nominee will receive a gift bag from DELOVERY that will include a myriad of the year’s hottest products including a Gear VR complete with a Samsung Smartphone. The phone will come preloaded with content from Wevr that includes the VR films like Waves, Hard World for Small Thingsand a VR music video by Run The Jewels called Crown.

Reggie Watts in "Waves"
Reggie Watts in “Waves”

The VR videos were featured alongside more than 30 other VR films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival as part of the New Frontier program. The VR offerings at the festival were some of the most well-received and headline-grabbing of the entire show. Samsung announced at the show that it will be starting a dedicated film studio in New York City that will focus solely on producing VR films. This is all positive news for those hoping to see VR films become more widely accepted by Hollywood, and the presence of a Gear VR in the annual Oscars gift bag only makes that dream more possible.

For those curious, the full gift bag will contain:

A flipbook of career highlights by Hiccup Media

Guided meditation classes and goodies from Unplug

A preloaded Gear VR headset from WEVR

Signature dress shirts from Mizzen + Main

A box of skincare essentials from Fresh

Danish eyewear from Kilsgaard

SoCal-inspired jewelry by ALOR

The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

A fingerprint jewelry kit by Touchstone

Artisan cider by Clementine Carter

A t-shirt and cap from Sol Angeles

A candle from Voluspa

The Gear VR’s presence alongside these other trending items is further evidence that what was once the niche concern of computer-aficionados is quickly barreling towards a mass market appeal. Hopefully, the headsets in these bags will inspire more celebrities to join the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and champion the cause of VR in the movie business.


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