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Former PSVR Game Eclipse Is Now A Daydream Exclusive

Former PSVR Game Eclipse Is Now A Daydream Exclusive

If you’ve been following VR for a while then you might have already heard of Eclipse, a VR adventure game from indie developer White Elk Studios. This intriguing title originally started life as a PlayStation VR (PSVR) game, but it appears to have been reborn as a Google Daydream exclusive.

That is according to a new trailer released this week, which carries the ‘Only On Daydream’ banner along with the full name Eclipse: Edge of Light. In fairness it looks like a good steal from Google; the trailer is absolutely gorgeous and suggests this could be one of the more complete, immersive games to come to the platform since it launched last year.

Eclipse is set on a sentient planet that players crash land on. As you begin to explore you’ll come across a mysterious artifact that allows you to control elements and interact with the ancient technology that you’ll come across. You’ll make your way across the planet discovering its past as you gain new powers.

We’ve reached out to White Elk to ask why the game made the transition to Daydream and if a version of the game could still come to PSVR. We’re also not sure if the game has changed in any significant way content-wise. The game was even playable on Sony’s headset at a previous iteration of the company’s PlayStation Experience event, so it’s surprising twist.

There’s no official release date for the game yet, but White Elk does expect it to launch soon. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for it.

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