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Floor Plan 2 Looks Noticeably Sharper With Quest 3 Update

Floor Plan 2 comparison pic

Floor Plan 2 adds visual enhancements for both Quest 2 and Quest 3 users in a new graphics update.

Joining a growing list of games updated for Quest 3, which this week alone includes The 7th Guest VR, Breachers and Hubris, Turbo Button revealed that Floor Plan 2 features upgrades for Quest 2 users as well. Simply titled the 'Graphics Update,' this introduces upgraded 4K texture resolutions and improved material quality, highlighted in the direct comparison below:

On Meta's latest headset, Floor Plan 2 also receives several exclusive upgrades like an improved framerate. Now running at 90Hz refresh rate, the Quest 3 version targets 2528x2639 resolution per eye for a 90% increase. Greater environmental detail and density are also included, alongside improved model shading.

It's been a busy few months for Turbo Button. The studio released the free Backside Story expansion for Floor Plan 2 back in June, which added 2-3 hours of new puzzles with an all-new elevator. Last week, the studio also launched Floor Plan Remastered, which brought the original puzzle adventure to Quest headsets for the first time.

Floor Plan 2 is available now on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR for $29.99.

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