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Floor Plan 2: Backside Story Doubles The Puzzles Next Week On Quest & PC VR

Floor Plan 2: Backside Story ke

Floor Plan 2 is getting a hefty 'Backside Story' expansion, arriving next week as a free update on Quest and PC VR.

Developed by Turbo Button, Floor Plan 2 is a comedic adventure inspired by escape rooms with each floor acting as a gateway to another world. Originally released in 2021, Backside Story introduces 2-3 hours of new puzzles with an all-new elevator, plus new characters and environments. New accessibility options like seated and standing play are also included, alongside guide lines for distance grabbing.


"We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception to Floor Plan 2 since the game launched back in 2021," says Turbo Button in a press release. "Its success enabled our team of five to take our time, spending nearly two years to get it right and make Backside Story the ultimate love letter to the game’s fans."

Load times have also improved and on Quest 2, the framerate will increase from 72fps to 80fps. We recommended Floor Plan 2 in our review, praising its "hilarious absurdity" and "invigorating ingenuity."

Floor Plan 2 feels like a VR episode of The Muppet Show, not just in the hilarious absurdity of its world but also in the constant, invigorating ingenuity of its puzzles. Though the solutions start to become a little too obscure for their own good towards the end of the game, its winning personality and brilliant VR-centric mechanics kept me determined to overcome those roadblocks, and I mostly felt rewarded for doing so.

Floor Plan 2: Backside Story is out now on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR, while Backside Story arrives on June 22. Currently available for $24.99, Turbo Button confirmed a price increase to $29.99 takes place on June 29.

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