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The 7th Guest VR Receives Resolution Boost With Quest 3 Update

The 7th Guest VR Quest 3 upgrade

The 7th Guest VR joins a growing list of upgraded Quest 3 games, receiving sharper visuals and graphical improvements.

Developed by Vertigo Games, The 7th Guest VR reimagines the 90s point-and-click cult classic adventure game. Released last month for most major VR platforms, it's now received a Halloween update that adds numerous bug fixes. While an "unexpected issue" has caused Vertigo to temporarily roll back the PSVR 2 patch, this update adds new enhancements for Quest 3 players.

Speaking to UploadVR, Vertigo Games advised The 7th Guest VR now uses 2K resolution textures compared to 1K on Quest 2. Higher dynamic pixel density is also promised, alongside various graphical improvements like "rain on windows, texture aliasing fixes" and particle effects. However, framerate remains the same for both headsets, running at 72fps without Spacewarp.

We checked out this upgrade directly, recording The 7th Guest VR gameplay off our own headsets. Here's the initial foyer scene on Quest 3, where you can see the volumetric video capture in action:


The 7th Guest VR - Quest 3 Foyer Scene

For comparison, here is that same foyer scene recorded on Quest 2.


The 7th Guest VR - Quest 2 Foyer Scene

We enjoyed Vertigo's remake in our recent The 7th Guest VR review, comparing it to a "charming night ride at your local fairground" while criticizing its "frustrating" puzzles and interaction issues.

Vertigo Games has summoned the particular 90s adventure game charm of The 7th Guest in this VR adaptation, reinterpreting it as a spooky, nuanced mystery that feels like a good fit for the medium. I did find myself bogged down by some frustrating puzzles and tension-scuppering interaction issues, but the promise of the narrative and consistent visual spectacle kept me invested throughout. 

The 7th Guest VR is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR and PSVR 2.

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