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FitXR Launches HIIT Exercises

FitXR is today launching its third form of virtual workout – high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises.

Traditionally, HIIT workouts have people exercising in short, sharp bursts and then resting for a few moments before starting up another activity. When we spoke to FitXR last month the company told us its take on HIIT was designed to really push the intensity of what could be done with a VR workout.

The activity gives players a mix of exercises that include reaction-based minigames and more directed workouts with the help of an instructor. These are mixed up each time you play to give you a different and varied experience. The exercise revolves around you hitting orbs that light up on a board as quickly as possible, but the range of motion is designed to target different muscle groups. You can get a quick glimpse of the mode in the tweet below.

FitXR Launches HIIT

HIIT joins FitXR’s boxing and dance workouts and is the first exercise to be added since the platform introduced a new subscription service. The subscription turns the app into a free download but lets existing customers keep all the content they previously purchased but provides daily workouts across its range of activities and re-introduces real-time multiplayer. As the tweet above notes, you’ll get three introduction classes to try even if you aren’t a member with today’s update.

We haven’t tried out HIIT for ourselves just yet but we’ll be sure to test it in the coming days. Are you going to try out this new FitXR exercise? Let us know in the comments below!

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