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'Final Approach' Gets Halloween-Themed Content Update

'Final Approach' Gets Halloween-Themed Content Update

I’m always a sucker for games that maintain their thematic concepts through both gameplay and advertising. The folks at Phaser Lock behind Final Approach could quite easily refer to their big content updates as patches or DLC like many other games do — since that’s the technical industry term — but instead they like to call their big updates Cargo Drops, fitting in quite nicely with the theme of the game’s air traffic control premise.

Starting this October, players will be able to take part in new Halloween-themed content for both Final Approach and Final Approach: Pilot Edition. This Cargo Drop includes new Challenge Missions, such as in Metro City, which is overrun with ghosts and trick-or-treaters. The hangar for your planes will be decorated as well and you can even earn a special, limited-time, Halloween trophy in the game. Once the event ends on November 1st, the hangar will return to normal and the trophy will be unavailable if you didn’t earn it.

This Cargo Update will also unlock the first seven levels of the game after you complete the tutorial, giving you more to experiment with from the very beginning.

The Halloween Challenge Missions appear in three core varieties. First, is the Popping Pumpkins content, where you must fly planes through balloons that match the planes color — either purple or orange. Then, there’s also Trick or Treating. In this mission, you must pick up trick or treaters that are stranded on rooftops via helicopter and drop them off at the neighborhood Halloween party. You also must pick up and remove ghosts from the party as well to keep it safe.

There is even a new Halloween-themed Metro City map added to Free Play. This new variation features possessions instead of fires and haunted helicopters instead of flaming ones. Like I said, thematic consistency, right?


This Cargo Drop will also bring several of the content additions from the core Final Approach game over to the Pilot Edition, helping earn parity between the two games. The update is scheduled to go live as of the time of this publication, 10AM October 3rd and the Halloween-themed aspects will last until November 1st.

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