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Facebook: 90% Of Quest Users For Christmas Were 'Brand New' To Oculus

Facebook: 90% Of Quest Users For Christmas Were 'Brand New' To Oculus

Today during the introduction video for the Facebook: Game Developers Showcase, Chris Pruett, Director of Content  Ecosystem, Oculus, revealed an interesting stat regarding just how popular the Oculus Quest has been since its release in May of 2019.

“We look at the folks that turned on their devices around Christmas [in 2019] and 90% of those people are brand new to Oculus,” says Pruett. “They’ve never owned an Oculus headset before.”

We already knew that Oculus as a whole and the Quest had a big Christmas. Previously, Facebook revealed that over $5 million of content had been sold on the Oculus Store on Christmas day alone and just today they revealed that 20 different Oculus Quest titles have received over $1 million in revenue.

These are big numbers that speak towards not only the popularity and apparent success of the Oculus Quest, but also to the growing popularity of VR as a whole. For example, Sony just recently announced that PSVR sales have surpassed 5 million units total. This is still the only major VR headset on the market with concrete sales figures.

This latest statistic is one of many that continue to indicate that many developers are, generally, finding success on the Oculus Quest platform. The developers of Apex Construct recently revealed that the Oculus Quest version of the game has sold more units than any other platform combined. Likewise, the Quest version of Red Matter surpassed the Rift version in sales in just one week.

The 2020 plan for Quest is relatively cloudy in comparison to the PC-based Rift platform, though. For Rift we know big exclusive titles like Lone Echo 2 and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond are coming soon, but the Quest’s software roadmap is less definitive, relying mostly on ports of existing PC VR games such as Onward and Echo VR.

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