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Fresh Evasion Update Lets You Get Competitive With Friends

Fresh Evasion Update Lets You Get Competitive With Friends

VR bullet hell shooter Evasion is getting a new update today. It adds a competitive twist to the co-op gameplay.

The Killstreak Update, as it’s called, goes live today at 10am PT on Rift, Vive and PSVR. Chief among the additions is a new scoring system. Every level in the game now features leaderboards to compete in, each of which is tuned to different difficulty modes. It’ll put your skills to the limit as you aim to shoot down enemies as quickly as possible while avoiding an incoming barrage of bullets.

Check it out in action below. It’s basically ‘Evasion: Now With Numbers!’

To celebrate the launch, developer Archiact is hosting a Weekend Challenge event. From 4pm PT February to 6pm February 17th you’ll be able to shoot your way to the top. Unspecified prizes (the best kind) will be available for the winners.

We’re quite fond of Evasion here at UploadVR. It’s a frantic shooter that’s a lot of fun to dive into with friends. “There isn’t as much progression across the game in terms of class abilities and leveling up as I’d have liked, but the core gameplay, boss fights, and level design are so strong I didn’t mind as much,” we said in our review. “Playing solo is a bit rough, so with a friend by your side Evasion not only becomes one of VR’s best shooters, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other VR game that’s as purely fun on a moment-to-moment basis.”

Better warm up the shooting arm, then.

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