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End Effectors Is A Sci-Fi Shooter Coming To Oculus Quest And PC VR

End Effectors Is A Sci-Fi Shooter Coming To Oculus Quest And PC VR

Another sci-fi roguelite VR shooter is on the way. This time it’s End Effectors from Jetpack Game Studio.

The studio just revealed the first trailer for the game, which is aiming to enter Early Access soon. Check out the footage below.

In the game, you face off against an army of robots, armed with a weapon in one hand. You can also grab a shield to use with your off-hand as you face down bosses. There’s also full online co-op support. This being a roguelite, you’ll be tackling new runs every time you die with the chance of finding new weapon types and loot.

Over on Reddit a member of the development team noted that it was trying to set the game apart with “Great enemy variety, some _really_ interesting boss fights (that require above-average cooperation when playing co-op), perks, meta progression, and more.”

The Early Access build of End Effectors is set to include the game’s first act and hopes to be available on both App Lab and SideQuest as well as PC VR stores. Jetpack then wants to work on the game for an estimated six to nine months to put all the major systems in place and deliver extra levels, bosses and more.

The roguelite shooter genre is becoming popular in the VR space – the retro-inspired Compound is still in Early Access and we’re also looking forward to Sweet Surrender arriving later this year too. Will you be checking out End Effectors? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to check our recently updated list of best Quest shooters for more.

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