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WATCH: Dungeon Full Dive Video Reveals Features To Simulate Tabletop RPG Games In VR

WATCH: Dungeon Full Dive Video Reveals Features To Simulate Tabletop RPG Games In VR

Back in March, we wrote about the first teaser trailer for tabletop RPG simulator Dungeon Full Dive. Now, a new video posted to Reddit details the features that will let you fully simulate playing  role-playing games like D&D in VR.

The new overview trailer goes deeper into the immersive role playing features that will let you not only bring your role playing game campaigns into VR, but enhance them using VR as well.

Given the timing of the new trailer’s release, there may be some comparisons to the recently released Demeo. However, the two games only share a few similarities and are otherwise quite different. While Demeo’s focus is on playing through a crafted, specific campaign with only light RPG elements, Dungeon Full Dive’s aim to give you as much freedom as possible to create and play your own campaign just like you would in real life, but in VR with virtual props, assets and environments to help you along.

The video starts out by highlighting the vast choice available to players when creating their character’s appearance — not only will your tabletop piece appear as that character, but so will your in-game avatar as well.

In terms of playing locations, the game master will be able to load you and the other players into different environments. In the trailer, you can see a group switch between a cabin, a forest, a ship sailing across the ocean and many more.

The game master is also able to summon a game table for combat interactions, with a wide variety of different 3D maps. The game comes with a bunch of pre-made game tables with environments and structures built on them, but you can easily make your own. Dungeon Full Dive will offer a custom table builder, where you can modify the existing tables or create a new one using the available assets, so that you can create the world exactly as you imagine it during your campaign.

The game master can also transform into a NPC at any time, so that role playing interactions are more immersive than ever.

One of our concerns back in March was just how robust the role playing features would be and whether you would be able to accurately emulate the D&D experience. With this new footage, it’s a fair to say that those concerns have been assuaged a little.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign has 10 days to go still, but has massively surpassed it’s $12,000 goal already by a long shot — it’s at $159,000 raised at the time of writing.

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