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Demeo Finally Gets Mid-Game Saves In New Update

Demeo Finally Gets Mid-Game Saves In New Update

Nearly six months on from launch, tabletop VR dungeon crawler Demeo finally has a mid-game save feature.

The option arrives as part of a free update today as announced over on Discord. It allows you to save after clearing one of the game’s levels and visiting Cleepto’s Bazaar before tackling the next dungeon. The session’s host will have the option to end the game there and return later. You can then re-enter that campaign later on by clicking ‘Continue’ after selecting to host a game or a skirmish on the main menu. You’ll be able to store up to three checkpoints for multiplayer games and another three for single-player.

Demeo Gets Saves

A lack of a save was one of our biggest gripes with Demeo when the game launched in May. The Dungons & Dragons-inspired experience has randomized campaigns that can last up to three hours, making it hard to commit to a play session with friends. It’s taken longer than we might have hoped, but it’s great to see the save feature finally implemented.

Today’s update also brings new cards, including one that lets you teleport your entire team to your position and a vortex lamp that drags enemies into one area to deal damage. There’s fixes too, including improved randomization of rooms, a reworked line-of-sight system, and other general bugs have been addressed.

We gave Demeo an Essential ranking when it launched on Quest and PC earlier this year, saying “it’s a near-peerless social VR experience, polished to such a degree that it transforms the kinks of its systems into enjoyable, suspenseful quirks. Facing its brutish hordes with friends at your side is a thrilling, collaborative endurance test; defeat is met with entertained cries of anguish while victory — rare as that may be — is celebrated with the sort of group-wide elation you might have been missing in this tough past year.”

There’s never been a better time to dive in, then.

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