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Death Lap Is A First-Person Shooter Racer Coming To Quest + Rift

Death Lap Is A First-Person Shooter Racer Coming To Quest + Rift

Anshar Wars developer OZWE Games is back with its first project for Oculus Quest. Meet the wonderfully-named Death Lap, the latest game from publisher Oculus Studios.

As you might have guessed, Death Lap takes a page from the book of vicious racing movies like Death Race. It’s a mix of racer and shooter in which players battle it out on twisted courses. Players are forced to fight for their freedom using special abilities after being captured by a madman. Take a look at the very brief teaser below.

As you can see, Death Lap looks like an insane mix of steering with one hand and shooting with the other. It can be played either in first or third person and offers both solo and multiplayer modes. Five death machines offer their own unique weapons, like an enormous drill fitted to the front of one or spider-like claws on another.

The game features five tracks with up to six players on each. Levels include an abandoned theme park and a giant pinball machine.

This is OZWE’s first VR game not set in the team’s Anshar universe. The sci-fi series dates back to the early days of Gear VR and was last seen in 2018’s Anshar Online for Go, Rift and Gear.

We don’t yet have a date for Death Lap’s release. That said, we’re hoping to see more from the game at Oculus Connect 6 in a few weeks’ time. We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest updates on the title.

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