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Zombie Shooter Death Horizon Is Coming To Oculus Quest

Zombie Shooter Death Horizon Is Coming To Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest’s next zombie shooter is a retooled version of Dream Dev Studio’s Death Horizon.

Death Horizon: Reloaded is coming to the standalone headset this month. It’s a first-person shooter (FPS) in which players fend off hordes of the undead following a virus outbreak. The original game launched on Gear VR and Daydream two years ago.

The original Death Horizon featured a full campaign to shoot your way through. The movement was on-rails and you aimed with the headset’s single 3DOF motion controller. We haven’t played it for ourselves but it looks like pretty standard VR zombie fare.

The Quest edition appears to bring the same campaign to the headset with new features enabled by its two position-tracked controllers. That includes dual-wielding weapons, throwing items, and the ability to fight as you climb environments. It’s not clear if all of the game’s original features, like multiplayer support, will be included in this version, though.

We don’t have a final release date for the game but, seeing as it’s been dated for September, it’ll almost certainly be dropping this week. Perhaps something to tide you over following the last-minute delay of Espire 1 yesterday?

Quest only has a few zombie shooters to its name so far, including Drop Dead. We also know that a port of Arizona Sunshine is coming to the headset later this year. It doesn’t look like Death Horizon will be coming to PC VR headsets just yet but, now that it’s been ported to Quest, it’s certainly possible.

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